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John Horsfall on Sep 07, 2017

This shaper is in one word (GREAT). Where to start ? I've made my own / purchased others / barrowed friends. This one works. My boat is a Sanger V230. Heavy ballast. Wave is 31/2-4ft tall. Firm face tons of push. We've also tried the shaper on a Cabrina 23 and Malibu LSV. Again the same results (GREAT) wave. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Very Surprised

Robert McMahon on Jun 12, 2017

Well, I was skeptical on the results, but all I can say is WOW! It totally revised my surf wake behind my Malibu Sunsetter LX. I can surf twice as far back and it is taller and totally clean. It WORKS!

2003 Centurion Elite-V Hurricane storm series III

Andrew Roake on Jun 08, 2017

Anyone who has a Centurion 99-04 Elite-V/Hurricane/Lightning hull knows that the surf wave sucks and is near impossible to dial in. It was like literally the worst boat to surf easily and "bigley". The Wakesurf Edge is must have for this boat!!!
The surf wave is 100% better on the port side. I've had it about 3 months. I put (2) 450s in each rear locker, fill center under floor ballast, and put about 200 in the bow, but on the seat favoring the side we are surfing on.
For the price, it was super worth it for me and my boat.

Just made my family's summer!!

Bogie on May 07, 2017

Took out on Saturday for first time and it worked as advertised. Ballast full in back and 60% in center and wake was a shock. Real clean and big and worked same on both sides the same. with 20 seconds to move from one side to other. Didn't have any issues with boat pulling hard to one side while driving like I've heard other products had issues with.
2008 Moomba LSV.
Highly recommend.

Works Great

Earl Shaw on Mar 29, 2017

Just purchased the Wakesurfedge and took it to the Lake yesterday. I was a little Leary because of the sucken cups and being told by the guys who sell the Velcro wedge it won't work. Well it worked great, large wake and sweet spot very happy with it and would recommend it!

My boat was hiding THAT?!

Eran H. on Mar 27, 2017

Who knew that 15 year old boat was hiding this epic of a wave! It is absolutely amazing! I have been trying to eek every last inch out of my old boat, and this blew everything out of the water! I am in love with my new wave. This is an investment that is has already paid for itself, and our season only started a week ago.
10/10 must-buy item of 2017

Huge Wave!

Janice Hillboard on Mar 27, 2017

I love wakesurfing, but it's always so hard to get a big wave. This wake shaper has changed my life. It's super easy to put on the boat and it doesn't matter how many people/how much weight, the wave is always huge. I'm having a blast using it. Thanks Wakesurf Edge!!!

Awesome wave!

Kamien on Mar 27, 2017

This shaper is totally awesome and makes a better wave to surf. Super easy to use and makes surfing so much more fun man!


Ryan on Mar 19, 2017

Definitely recommend this wake shapper! Used it for the first time on my 2005 Super Air Nautique with just factory ballast and the wave was awesome! Worth the money, easy to attach and really helps the wave!

So easy!

Grace on Sep 02, 2016

It was so easy to switch sides using this! Literally less than 30 seconds and it was good to go. The wave was awesome on the goofy side too. So much fun!

Clean wake!

Jeff on Aug 27, 2016

The product works great! This thing makes wake surfing way more fun. A must have for any wake surfer. It works as advertised with no issues so far.

Pleasantly surprised!

Nancee on Aug 12, 2016

This thing really works well. It made the wake on our VLX so much bigger and cleaner. I totally recommend this.

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