Support & Warranty

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Some conditions apply:

  • Do not tether. This shaper induces greater forces than other shapers. Tethering can cause damage and injury and will void warranty. Your shaper floats very well and high in the water if dropped.
  • Must provide proof of purchase from an authorized Wakesurf Edge ® dealer.
  • Warranty does not cover loss.
  • Warranty does not cover damage due to normal use, accident, tethering, intentional damage, or negligence.

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Use of this product and participation in this sport INVOLVES INHERENT RISKS OF INJURY OR DEATH.

To reduce risks:

  • Wakesurfing close to a PROPELLER may cause death or injury.
  • Always wakesurf behind a boat recommended for wakesurfing by the boat manufacturer.  Do not surf behind outboard, I/O, or stern drive boats.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning from engine exhaust may cause injury or death.  To reduce the risk of CO exposure, rider must be far enough behind the watercraft to be out of immediate exposure to exhaust.
  • Limit the amount of time behind the watercraft.  Do not sit, lay or kneel on the wakesurf board, boarding platform, or transom while watercraft is running.  Headache, dizziness or nausea may be signs of excessive CO exposure.
  • ALWAYS WEAR A PROPERLY FITTED LIFE JACKET (PFD) approved by your country’s agency, USCG Type 111, ISO, etc…
  • USE ONLY ON WATER with a qualified watercraft driver and observer.
  • Wakesurf in control and at an appropriate speed for your ability level.  The faster you ride, the greater the risk.
  • Do not use your wake shaper at speeds greater than 14 MPH.
  • Always start riding from the water while holding a tow rope.
  • Never allow rider or watercraft passengers to coil rope in hands.  Never toss a rope and handle back to the rider to stay in the wake.
  • Do not adjust your wake shaper while the boat is in motion.
  • Do not leave your shaper attached to the boat when your shaper is not in use.
  • DO NOT TETHER PRODUCT… Tethering can cause product to slingshot back into boat, possibly causing injury.
  • Do not use in shallow water or near shore, docks, pilings, swimmers, other watercraft or any other obstacles.

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